The best Metal Roof to install on C and Z Purlin of your factory.

Colour Coated Metal Roofs Are a Long Term Investment: Depending on the specification type of material, colour coated metal roofs can last for 10-70 years!

BIG span Sheets for roofing and cladding made by geometric steels are not just economical in nature but also practical. The wide cover width of the product reduces the amount of sheets needed to be erected and also reduces the weight of structures.

Colour coated Metal Roofs Offer Superior Durability: Metal roofs have the potential to sustain wind gusts of over 100km per hour. Colour coated Metal roofs will not corrode or crack over time, and may also be impact-resistant depending on which colour coated metal roofing option you choose. In addition the colour coated metal roofs don't require regular, costly maintenance like other roofing materials typically require.

Colour Coated Metal Roofs Keep Your Factory Safe: Colour Coated metal roofs will not spark and ignite into flames. In addition to being fire resistant, in the event of a hailstorm you’ll also have the peace of mind that you and your factory will be protected.

Energy Efficiency: colour Coated Metal Roofs Provide Energy efficient colour Coated metal roofs won't ignite and spark into flames.

Energy Efficiency: Colour Coated metal roofs are Energy efficient: One major advantage for Colour coated roofs made of metal is the fact that they reflect the sun's radiation heat.

Colour coated Metal Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly: Metal roofs can have anywhere from 25-95% recycled content, depending on the material used. This is a way of aiding in reducing landfill waste. In addition to this Colour Coated metal roofs are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life as a roof.

Colour coated metal roofs are Lightweight: Because of the fact that metal roofs are lighter than tiles as well as other options for roofing, you will cut down on the engineering and cost of the structure.

Colour coated Metal Roofs Are Quick & Easy To Install: Most metal roofing sheets come in multiple-shingle sections or in Ribstrong 1015mm to Big SPAN 1060mm panels width. For a skilled metal roofer like Steel Deck, we can generally complete the work quickly and save you costly labour costs.

colour coated metal roofs don't leak: The majority of roofs made of metal can be put on roofs with a gentle slope without leaks. As metal roofing experts, we ensure that every new roof we install is waterproof.

Colour coated Metal Roofs Shed Rain: Metal roofing is basically impenetrable to rain because of the way the panels interlock. Also because metal roofing surfaces are hard and slippery this causes the rain to easily slide off reducing in any water weight stain on your industrial structure.

Colour coated roof are user friendly for installation of solar panel on colour coated metal roof as per required.

Provision of ventilation system like airflow ridgevent and other is easy to installable in colour coated metal roof sheet.