Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets

This is the simplest method of getting controlled light transmission through a steel sheet roof.
Available in all required profiles.

Polycarbonate embossed translucent sheets:

Profile features:

It is preferable to use transparent polycarbonate skylight profile sheet. This is the simplest method of getting natural light through a steel sheet roof, controlled light transmission is achieved by embossed translucent sheets. It is required to save energy wherever possible. Artificial light is not used in day time resulting in huge saving in energy bills.

Transparent polycarbonate profile sheet is available in 2mm emboss thickness.

Polycarbonate roofing sheets

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets:

multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Selectively prevent heat penetration allowing the visible wavelength to penetrate the sheets. This makes Multiwall sheets the ideal energy saving solution.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are good option in 6mm and 8mm for wiregrass used in north light shed.


  1. Superior shading capability – more effective heat reflection than competitive sheet.
  2. Attractive finish.
  3. Environment friendly material.
  4. Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and other thickness.

Skylight SunInside

Tubular guided daylighting system has been made in technical partnership with 3M India Ltd. The daylight guidance system broadly consists of four different parts:

1. Collection System:

Clear, UV resistant polycarbonate dome with flange

Parameter Specifications
Transmission Minimum 80%
Refractive Index 1.58
Service Temperature -10ºC to 80ºC
Thickness 2mm at flange
polycarbonate roof
polycarbonate sheeting

2. Guidance System:

Aluminum covered with mirror film

Aluminum Sheet Thickness : 0.4mm
The mirror film surface should have a luminous reflectivity of 99% and a bandwidth reflectivity of over 90% for 400 to 775nm wavelength of light incident between 0 to 80 degrees.
The mirrored surface shall be protected by a plastic sheet until final installation of the system.

3. Diffuser

Lens Diffuser made from UV stabilized polycarbonate film

Parameter Specifications
Diffuser type Lens
transparent sheet for roof
polycarbonate sheets prices

4. Roof Mounting System


The system is installed in such a way that the light guidance component of the system is airtight. This is necessary to prevent dust from entering the tube to ensure reflectivity is maintained. It is also to ensure that the air column inside the tube will act as an insulator for heat.

Daylighting system to be installed on variable-angle elbow to counter roof slope and to ensure daylight tube to remain perpendicular to ground. The complete assembly to be installed on FRP Base of profile which will match roofing sheet. All installation to be done by cutting hole of maximum 675 mm diameter on roof and placing FRP base above this hole.

polycarbonate sheeting near me

Technical Specifications

Component Specifications
Diameter (4 ft long duct) 500 mm
Typical Coverage Area 750 sq ft – 1200 sq ft, depending on Lux requirement and height of installation

imagine an innovative system that harnesses sunlight and guides it indoors in a way that would be impossible with windows or skylights. Tubular Daylight System (TDS) which light up interiors of your buildings with natural sunlight which is energy efficient.

Integration of Skylight on the roof scores over FRP or polycarbonate daylighting / skylight sheets on the following points:

  1. Safety of people working on the roof
  2. Water leakage through installation



A dome shaped structure with specialized optical system that efficiently captures sunlight from multiple directions, collects and redirects it downward into the duct below. The collector ensures that the intensity of sunlight captured remains similar during morning, at noon and in the evening.

polycarbonate roof panels
polycarbonate panels


3MTM Specular Film provides high reflectivity, minimal loss and no colour shift (even in cloudy conditions). It has the highest visible reflectivity (photopic reflectivity >99%).


3MTM Diffuser Film enables uniform light to spread and control in interior spaces. The unique lens design reduces glare and eliminates hot spots, and because of the optical-grade plastic used, the film does not alter the colours of the transmitted light.

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Multiwall Polycarbonate Gallery

multiwall polycarbonate sheet 1
multiwall polycarbonate sheet 2
multiwall polycarbonate sheet 3
multiwall polycarbonate sheet 4
multiwall polycarbonate sheet 5
multiwall polycarbonate sheet 6
multiwall polycarbonate sheet 7
multiwall polycarbonate sheet 8
multiwall polycarbonate sheet 9

Polycarbonate Skylight Sheet Gallery

polycarbonate roofing sheet 1
polycarbonate roofing sheet 2
polycarbonate roofing sheet 3
polycarbonate roofing sheet 4
polycarbonate roofing sheet 5
polycarbonate roofing sheet 6
polycarbonate roofing sheet 7
polycarbonate roofing sheet 8
polycarbonate roofing sheet 9
polycarbonate roofing sheet 10

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