Flashing and Accessories

Geometric steels USP in design and manufacturing flashing up to 5000mm length
in 0.4mm to 3.00mm thickness in all metal.

Flashing and Accessories

Geometric steels Flashing is used to direct water away from the seams and joints and prevent it from entering the openings, the location of flashing is typical which can make the roof vulnerable to flooding. It is generally applied along any edges, walls, valleys, corners, Gutter, down take pipe and customized as per utility and customer requirement, Geometric steels offer flashing in 0.40 mm to 3.00 mm thickness and length of 5 meter

Flashing is a critical part of the roofing system the failure of flashing can result in regular maintenance and water dripping issues Geometric steels understand the severity of the issue and had come up with 5-meter standard length for flashing

roof flashing
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Advantage of 5-meter flashing

  1. less joint throughout the length of the shade
  2. The flashing joint is the prominent location for leakages in the roof (standard flashing available in the market is 2.5 meters) Geometric steel had reduced the joint by 50% in prima facie chances of leakages.
  3. lap loss of flashing is reduced
  4. aesthetically pleasing
  5. customized design available

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