Flashing and Accessories

Geometric steels USP in design and manufacturing flashing up to 5000mm length
in 0.4mm to 3.00mm thickness in all metal.

Flashing and Accessories

Geometric Steels flashing is used to redirect water away from joints and seams, and to stop it from entering through the cracks. The location of the flashing is common, which could make the roof more vulnerable to flooding. It is usually applied to the edges, walls and corners, valleys Gutter, downtake pipe, and is customised to meet the needs of the client, Geometric steels can offer flashing in 0.40 millimeters to 3.00 millimeters thickness and a length up to 5 meters.

Flashing is a crucial component of a roofing system. Failure of flashing may cause regular maintenance as well as problems with water drips. Geometric steels are aware of the seriousness of the issue and developed a standard of 5 meters length for flashing

roof flashing
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Advantage of 5-meter flashing

  1. less joint throughout the length of the shade
  2. Flashing joints are the most prominent spot for leaks in the roofing (standard flashing in markets can be found at 2.5 metres) Geometric steel has cut the joints by 50 percent, thereby reducing the prime-instance leakage risk.
  3. lap loss of flashing is reduced
  4. aesthetically pleasing
  5. customized design available

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