Metal roofing for resort and farmhouse sheets with classic and traditional tile designs
in metal provide an attractive, sturdy, elegant and stylish colour roof.

Substrate of Residential and Industrial Roofing Sheets

Profile features:

sheets for industrial and residential roofing classic and traditional tile patterns made of metal provide strong elegant, beautiful roofs that combine the attractive look of traditional, conventional roofing tiles and the durability of steel.

Technical Data

  1. OVER ALL WIDTH: 1060mm.
  2. COVER WIDTH: 1010mm.
  3. PITCH: 200mm.
  4. CREST: 28mm.
  5. STANDARDS: IS14246 ‐1995
  6. NOTE: We out source material as per client requirement

residential metal roof panels


residential roof
Pre painted galvanized steel sheet.
Pre painted Al‐Zn Steel Sheets.


  1. THICKNESS : the standard thickness can be found in 0.50mm (TCT).
  2. COLOUR : Available in aesthetically appealing colours, as well as matching accessories.
  3. Length : Delivered with a custom cut length from minimum 600mm to 6000mm.
  4. Application : Roof for Residential bungalows, chajjas, porches, security cabins commercial, shopping malls and hotels, auditorium halls, hotels and industrial.
residential metal roofing

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