Roof Access Hatches

Low-profile design that allowed architects to keep clean building lines. Economical as compared
to conventional staircase periphery construction.

Roof Access Hatches

Roof access hatches are a primary requirement for any industrial building with a metal roof for safe and economical periodic access for maintenance for roofing or electrical maintenance. Geometric Steels roof access hatches are designed and installed to provide safe access to commercial and industrial roof areas from an internal ladder or stair systems. The hatch offered a low-profile design that allowed architects to keep clean building lines. These components could also be installed at a cost much lower than a conventional standard staircase periphery construction.

roof hatch
Roof hatch 1

Roof access is typically provided by a fixed or temporary ladder on the outside of a building It’s always risky to keep roof ladder access outside the building area with limitation in control to access the roof to avoid the nuisance value of psychopath people However, exterior ladder access could be dangerous in inclement weather conditions and is not a viable option its always better to have fully controlled and safe access to the roof inside the building premises. Geometric steels Roof access hatches primarily serve as convenient and safe passage to the roof in Industrial buildings. With the help of roof ladders, owners and maintenance people can access the top for repairs or maintenance.

Our access hatches are made from high-quality galvanise powder-coated steel, and aluminum powder coated are designed with a dual skin construction lid, one hand-operated push lock and effortless and smooth opening gas struts.

Geometric steels can design and install a roof hatch that will suit any roof surface, and any roof pitch and withstand harsh and varied climate conditions.

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Roof Hatches

Geometric Steels roof hatches Allowing direct, safe, and covered access to the roof, The roof access hatch (with ladder) can then lead to a rooftop walkway and handrail system. The fully-qualified team of industry professionals at geometric Steels work closely with us clients to help keep their employees safe from harm. That’s what makes us a leading name in access hatch ladder & roof hatch installations.

Roof Hatch Installation

The expert team at Geometric Steels, manufacture and install an extensive range of roof hatch and safety systems, and following an assessment of your unique requirements we can draft plans for a roof hatch, with ladder, platforms and roof walkways needed to make access to your rooftop safer for staff and contractors alike. Whether you’re looking for a roof access hatch, roof walkway systems, roof platforms, turn to the Geometric steels hatch catalogue for true safety and functionality.

Geometric steels hatch is available in galvanise powder coated and aluminum powder coated finish

roof access hatch
roof access hatch 1

Geometric Steels Galvanise Powder Coated Hatch Has Many Advantages

  1. Fully welded and rivet assemble in galvanise powder coated finish for colour matching to your roof colour
  2. Robust and weatherproof design
  3. Commercial quality
  4. Insulated metal lid – rock wool fiber/crosslink polymer to minimize noise – rain drumming and reduce heat transfer
  5. Internal locking toggle for complete security with strong (pad-lockable) toggle latch
  6. Gas struts for easy light operation
  7. Openable to 90 degrees
  8. Comprehensive size range


600x600 700x900 1000x1000
1000x1500 (readily available in stock) 900x2400 1000x3000

Customized Double-door hatch available as per requirement

Geometric Steels Aluminum Powder Coated Hatch

  1. All aluminum extruded alloy confirms to AA 6063 T6 / AA 6082 T6
  2. All-access covers are designed, fabricated and conformed to BS 9124: 2008 specifications.
  3. All around Kerb angles
  4. EPDM gasket seal prevents ingress of dirt and moisture
  5. Gas spring-assisted lift arrangement with safety lock for 90-degree. Opening
  6. Automatic lifting or Manual Lifting
  7. All doors will be provided with heavy-duty SS hinges
  8. Remote control electronically operated with full temper proof padlock for security purposes Keyless / with keys.
  9. All covers shall be water/odor/gas-tight as per international specifications conformity to BSEN 60529: 1992
  10. Insulated Aluminum lid with rock wool fiber/crosslink polymer to minimize noise – rain drumming and reduce heat transfer
  11. Safety stay to prevent accidental closure
  12. Electrically operated actuator with hatch
  13. Optional translucent multiwall wall polycarbonate in 10mm/16mm
Metal roof access hatch
Metal roof access hatch 1


  1. Industrial Building
  2. Commercial Building
  3. Penthouse /Residential Building
  4. Hospital
  5. Shopping malls
  6. Metro stations

Factors to Consider while selecting GEOMETRIC STEELS ROOF HATCH

There are some key factors to consider before making a purchase:

Purpose – Equipment or Personnel Access?

It is integral to determine whether the roof access will only be utilized to get to the rooftop or will it have to allow for the movement of equipment and tools too?

If the roof ladder is simply for personnel entry, then a single-cover, small model with a firm ladder, service stair, or ship can be used. On the other hand, a big hatch with service or ship stairs will allow workers to take large parts or tools onto the rooftop for service. Moreover, equipment access roof hatches come in bigger sizes and are typically called double - cover models, manufactured only on custom orders.

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