Galvalume colour coated roofing sheets


  • Pre painted galvanized steel sheet.
  • Pre painted Al‐Zn (55% aluminium 43.40 % Zinc and 1.60% Silicon) alloy coated steel sheets.
  • Al-Zn (55% aluminium 43.40 % Zinc and 1.60% Silicon) alloy coated natural steel sheets. 

Galvalume colour coated roofing sheets Availability

  • THICKNESS : standard thickness is available in 0.50mm (TCT) it is also available in thickness of 0.60mm (TCT) in pre – painted galvanizes subject to quantity.
  • COLOUR : Available in aesthetically pleasing colours along with matching accessories.
  • Length : Supplied in custom cut to required length minimum 300 mm to maximum 12000 mm.
  • Application : Roof and wall cladding for Residential, Commercial and Industrial.
  • METAhybridTM Underdeck multi-layer Thermal Insulated Metal profile Sheet
Galvalume colour coated roofing sheets

Profile features:

The profile with bigger covering per meter square is very much economical, reduce the roofing cost and make it quicker to cover large area in short period of time. The profile is designed with anti‐capillary groove and returns leg runner at end to avoid any seepage of water through the lateral overlap.

METAhybridTM Underdeck multi-layer Thermal Insulation Profile sheets
We have introduced profile that can be provided with single side underdeck 4.00 mm insulation which ensures constant protection from heat and noise. Underdeck thermal insulation act as radiant heat barrier material mostly block the inflow of the radiant heat from the roof surface and stop it preventing inside the shade.

  • OVER ALL WIDTH : 1125mm
  • COVER WIDTH : 1060 mm
  • PITCH : 353mm
  • CREST : 28mm
  • STANDARDS : IS14246 ‐1995

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