Angle Adjustable Turbo Ventilators

Angle adjustable turbo ventilators system is most ideal installation for industrial ventilation. Available in matching profile of roof sheets with FRP (Fiber glass reinforced plastic) base and polycarbonate base which gives free and uniform defused daylight.


Turbo Ventilator exhaust trapped hot air steam, gas, powder, dust particles and chemically polluted air through the opening of turbine vanes. The thrown out air is replaced by the fresh air drawn in through other openings without use of any electrically power or drive mechanism – functioning with normal air velocity.

Angle adjustable turbo ventilators Manufacturers
GEO 24 Angle Adjustable Turbo Ventilators


The ventilation system work by utilising the velocity energy of the wind to induce air flow by centrifugal action. The centrifugal force caused by the spinning vanes creates a region of low pressure area as result hot trapped air get exhaust replacing fresh air through openings at lower level. The convective thermal currents are given boost by venturi dome to further enhance the rotation of the system.

Material Of Construction 

Turbine Head and Variable Angle Elbow

Material ThicknessShaftFRP Base SpecificationInstallation / Fixing Hardware
    • Vanes – 0.5 mm
  • Other – 0.71 to 4.0 mm
Stainless SteelUV resistant , 0.95 mtr Long * 0.95 mtr Wide approxMS plated with EPDM rubber washers

Salient Features Common To All Ventilators:

Unique Variable Angle Aluminium Elbow Counters Roof Slope Perfectly —-

  • Statically balanced rotating head ensures no vibration during rotation.
  • Lowest starting speed(less than 1km per hour) ensures continued rotation.
  • Guaranteed no water leakage.
  • Unique installation method prevents accidents at a later stage.
  • Made in technical collaboration with edmonds pty ltd., Australia.
  • Higher discharge than spherical vane ventilators of any design.
  • Enhanced dust & fume protection for bearing for running in harsh atmospheres.
  • Integrated bearing housing for enhanced dust and fume protection for bearing.
  • Robust construction to withstand high wind loads.
  • Long life ball bearings.

Description : GEO24Windy angle adjustable turbo ventilators

Bearing Arrangement:

2 Nos. top & bottom, Precision Permanently Lubricated Steel Ball Bearing system enclosed in reinforced integrated bearing holder comprising of top and bottom industrial plastic bearing housing connected & secured together by a hollow pipe so that bearings are not exposed to discharge / exhaust air and ensures greater bearing life, perfect alignment and stability of bearings at very high wind loads, resistance free rotation and quiet operation.

AluminiumVari-pitch Elbow:

Aluminium Variable Angle Vari-pitch Elbow enables to counter roofing slope angle upto 15.0 degrees and ensures installation of ventilator head perpendicular to the ground for leak proof installation and enhanced bearing life.

Construction Specification:

  • Ventilator Head top plate – 1.0 mm Aluminium
  • Vari- pitch Neck – 0.71mm
  • Aluminium suitable to counter 15.0 degrees Vane / Blade thickness : 0.50 mm
  • Aluminium. Shaft – MS Plated 17mm. Top & Bottom Bearing – 6002 ZZ

Starting Speed of Rotation of Ventilator Head: Less than 1 km per hour.

Installation arrangement :

  • 1 – 1.5mm thick * 0.95 m long * 0.95m( approx) wide UV stabilised, FRP Base matching the roofing sheet profile used for mounting the ventilator.
  • Variable angle elbow / vari – pitch to counter slope of roofing sheet upto 15 degrees thus ensuring ventilator to remain perpendicular to the ground level.
  • Hardware with rubberized washers to prevent leakage