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Geometric Steels Roll Forming

Geometric Steel Roll Forming Pvt. Ltd. provides you with the Roofing solutions to meet your requirements, in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential sectors.Colour coated metal sheets is being used extensively throughout the country for factories, power plants, stadiums, schools, urban and rural houses, to name a few

Geometric Steels is one of the leading service and product provider in western INDIA and Expanding its foot print in other part of India, with wide range of industrial roofing solutions. GEOMETRIC STEELS has made its mark through its reputation for quality product and reliability name that reflect the Ideals, Values of company, Stability, Durability, Innovation and Vision to advance technology.

We understand the actual need and offer complete solution from design, product selection to installation. Which are cost effective, leak proof, achieved by experience staff in related field, and gives aesthetic look to the building helping you to reflect brand image.

Our Products

  • METAhybrid

    Under Deck Multilayer Thermal Insulation Metal Sheets affordable excellence for sound & thermal insulation for building.

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  • Bigspan

    The profile with bigger covering per meter square is very much economical, reduce the roofing cost and make it quicker to cover large area in short period of time.

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  • Steeldeck sheet

    Steel composite deck as the name implies is a part of the floor structure and has concrete poured on top.

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    Composite Steel Deck Sheet
  • Steelzip

    Fixing system fully self-supporting system- single length site roll formed sheets concealed roof fixing system

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